I don’t understand.


I opened up my 2016 planner and I flipped it to December. I flipped through the weeks. We celebrated three years in Maui. We came back and went back to work. There were a bunch of holiday outings and then the holidays came. I flipped through my current planner and flipped through the weeks in January that led up to our big fight that we had at the end of the month… nothing. We were busy, we were doing things. I don’t understand, and it makes me so incredibly sad. When did you decide you were through? WHEN? When did you wake up and decide that you were going to give up on our life and our love? Was I really that awful to you? I loved you with every ounce of my being. The worst part of this all is isn’t that you went and knocked up someone else.

You slept around with someone who you barely know and you didn’t use protection. You continued to sleep with me. You didn’t even think about the consequences and what that might have meant for me and even for you. Foolish in every way, shape, and form. I am so upset. I am so hurt. Here are the most raw of my emotions. I’m so disappointed in you. It’s not fair what you CHOSE TO DO. I never had a say in any of this. You asked for a break after our big fight. You should have just ended it there and not been such a pussy and stuck around for another month. You always knew you had a place to stay with our friend. You should have told me the truth. Maybe then you wouldn’t be in the predicament that you are in today.

Where is my Lorazepam?


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