A Letter to my Sweet “Rose”:

Happy birthday to the sweetest girl on the planet. You’re six! It’s so crazy to think how fast the time has gone by. You’re in kindergarten now. You are strong, intelligent, and brave. You are still the silly girl I came to know and love many moons ago. The last time I saw you was on your 4th birthday. Your birthday was paw patrol themed. We were all at the park. We took some pictures and I will always keep those close to me. I’m sorry I was so absent from your life for as long as I was. I didn’t want to be, and it wasn’t my choice. As you grow up, you will see this world is full of so many difficult things. I miss you. I miss the silliness we shared for a short amount of time. I miss  reading to you, though I’m pretty sure you are now reading on your own. I miss our mini dance parties. I miss taking you to the park or anywhere of the matter and being asked if you were my daughter because the resemblance was crazy similar. You will grow up to be one incredible young lady. You have probably already forgotten me, and that is okay. I will never forget you, my sweet girl. I hope your birthday was full of laughs, smiles and love from start to finish. May all your birthdays always be that way.

Love always,




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